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  • Oxygen Express for Nokia phones  51)   Oxygen Express for Nokia phones 1.10.5
    Oxygen Express for Nokia phones is a functional tool for backup, restore or transfer all information and settings of your Nokia mobile phone. It offers quick upload to your phone of new pictures, wallpapers, ring tones, music, Java apps, games, etc.

  • Petty Cash  52)   Petty Cash 1.1
    Petty-Cash is designed to account for funds allocated to departments or offices for incidental expenditure. It provides a printed return with a full transaction record, in bank statement format, followed by an analysis of expenditure by nominal.

  • LiveSTATS.XSP  53)   LiveSTATS.XSP 8.0
    Get the world's leading log analyzer by DeepMetrix! You get live web statistics and professional web analytics reports to track visits, web pages, campaigns, bandwidth, search engine keywords plus unlimited custom reporting. 1 yr of support included.

  • Dynamic Info Screen  54)   Dynamic Info Screen 11.2.7
    Create an info display on a PC showing scenes made of media objects assembled in different layouts. Objects include a slide show, media player, three forms of rss/text feed, flash content, web/html page, tv tuner, live camera and static text label.

  • RoloBase 2000  55)   RoloBase 2000 2.03
    RoloBase 2000 is a Rolodex Contact Manager Database for business or personal use. RoloBase 2000 is an easy-to-use, clean-looking, and fully CUA compliant 32-bit Windows program which will run on Windows 95 through XP.

  • Excel Unit Conversion Addin  56)   Excel Unit Conversion Addin 2.0
    Unit Conversion Add-in for Excel that understand any unit of measure. This addin brings a new level of sophisication to handling units of measure. It understands ´Number Unit´ text input and is data driven from a simple text file definition.

  • Option Profit Calculator  57)   Option Profit Calculator 1.0.0
    Compare stock or option transactions. Input transaction data. Calculates profit from transactions, potential loss, annualized profit (in dollars and as percentage), and annualized potential loss. Factors in commission fees. Stores results.

  • Employee Checkin 8  58)   Employee Checkin 8 1.0
    Displays the in, out, or other status of all employees/members on one screen and reports time in attendance. Employee Checkin is more than a computer time clock. It's a communication tool that displays the status of all other employees/members.

  • PunchClock  59)   PunchClock 2.40
    PunchClock is an easy to use time clock software that records the employee working hours and generates payroll reports. Perfect for small and medium size companies.

  • PhoneWorks Pro  60)   PhoneWorks Pro 2004
    PhoneWorks 2004 Professional's new Optical Character Recognition (OCR) module enables you to easily turn your faxes into documents compatible with Microsoft Office Word, Excel and other popular applications.

  • Aldo's Pianito  61)   Aldo's Pianito 3.5
    Pianito is a very intuitive and funny piano simulator with real time wave and midi recording, great to learn music. Recommended for children and adults. The included 128 instruments and 48 percussion instruments will provide you hours of fun.

  • Micro Register Point-Of-Sale System  63)   Micro Register Point-Of-Sale System 5.5
    Micro Register point-of-sale, inventory control and accounts receivable software system. Tracks customer info and statements, inventory information. Accounting totals including sales tax can be view or printed at any time. Quick and easy to use.

  • ConnectCNC  64)   ConnectCNC
    DNC or file transfer between computer and CNC Control. You can use ConnectCNC for any number of machines, and simultaneous control of several machines. Try ConnectCNC free for thirty days

  • Brainstorm Bungy  65)   Brainstorm Bungy 1.20
    Do not be afraid - this is not about jumping off a bridge with a rubber band attached to your legs. The only stretching here is of minds as Brainstorm Bungy facilitates group brainstorming sessions. Flexible, powerful, great fun, and simple to use.

  • International Time  66)   International Time 2004.08.27
    Discover how this program will help you keep track of the local current date and time of your contacts who live in a different time zone to yours. These contacts could be loved ones, friends, work contacts, . . . Ideal companion to chat programs.

  • Date Calc  67)   Date Calc 1.2
    Save time! Let DateCalc count the days before, after or between two dates.

  • Monitoringz  68)   Monitoringz 1.2.1
    Monitoringz is a multiuser server-client software application designed for input, storage and processing of sampling results of microbial cleanliness and number of airborne particles in clean production areas, mostly in pharmaceutical industry.

  • Erlogix - Business Continuity Software  69)   Erlogix - Business Continuity Software 4.1.0
    The Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Management System enables you to implement an Enterprise Business Continuity Plan professionally and inexpensively. A database driven application that links the 4 fundamental phases of the Life Cycle.

  • Terrasoft Call Center  70)   Terrasoft Call Center 2.8
    Terrasoft Call Center provides tools for registration and analyzing of incoming and outgoing calls, redirecting incoming calls to selected Terrasoft CRM users, process calls from different contacts according to the established rules.

  • ActiveEarth  71)   ActiveEarth 2.0
    ActiveEarth is a world time clock with a gorgeous day/night merge of NASA's earth images in maps or a globe. It has accurate time zone data for more than 500 cities, atomic time sync, countdown clocks, scalable analog clocks, screen saver, and more!

  • Key-Organizer  72)   Key-Organizer 2008
    KEY ORGANIZER is a software for the efficent and secure management of all of your business keys. Capture all of a key management's elements, i.e. keys, lock cylinders and locking options (locking plan), doors, key holders, key issuance and return.

    Pre-employment personality profiling software for Employers, Recruiters, HR Professionals & Team Builders. Generate in depth personality profiles of job applicants. It's quick, cost effective, and easy to use.

  • Employee Database  74)   Employee Database 1.0
    Employee Database stores data relevant to extensive hr managament. Includes searchable fields. Supports importing and exporting. Prints entire database or selected records.

  • PIMEX  75)   PIMEX 1.09
    This slick organizer and PIM will keep track of your contacts, distribution lists, manage your schedule, remind about appointments and events, and keep your daily notes in order. It will also print labels, envelopes, letters, send emails and more.

  • MICR Font Set  76)   MICR Font Set 3.4
    Print your own checks from Windows, using any laser printer! You get our MICR fonts (which include the numbers 0 - 9, On-Us, Transit, Amount, and Dash), a calibration program, and our Secure Fonts used in printing check amounts and payee names.

  • ABBYY ScanTo Office  77)   ABBYY ScanTo Office 1.0
    ABBYY ScanTo Office is a scan conversion utility that converts paper to electronic documents. It is ideal for users looking for easy to use solution to quickly scan paper or convert images into editable Microsoft® Office documents or as e-mail attach

  • absolutePDF-Spool Base  78)   absolutePDF-Spool Base 1.1
    absolutePDF Spool lets your legacy applications generate PDF files without the need for other expensive tools. No Adobe Acrobat required!

  • Moffsoft Calculator  79)   Moffsoft Calculator 2.1.1
    Calculator with tape, financial functions, unit conversions, date/time calculations, and product pricing. Other features include a sizeable display, fixed decimals, totals, item count, multiple memory values, tray icon, always on top, and much more.

  • Roll Call  80)   Roll Call 3.15
    An employee in and out board and a secure instant messaging system. The main fallacy of in and out boards is people forget to change their status. With Roll Call, you only need to remember to change it when you leave your desk, not when you return.

  • Pikker  81)   Pikker 1.1.6
    Dynamic portfolio rotation trading system. A new dimension in technical analysis. Matrix calculations of a list of securities over a date range allow for stock rotation through a portfolio, and a new category of "Market Breadth" indicators.

  • Stock Quotes Downloader 4.02 for Metastock new version  83)   Stock Quotes Downloader 4.02 for Metastock new version 4.02
    Historical Stock Quotes Manager & Downloader 4.01 for Metastock. The Stock Quote Downoader downloads the historical data for MetaStockTM . The historical data of stocks, indices, mutual funds and commodities from the yahoo financial server.

  • A - Estimate  84)   A - Estimate 1.04
    M8 Estimate is a generic costing and estimating system suitable for any trade or profession. It is based on these simple principles: Create a price list. Create a simple estimate by choosing items from your price list and inserting the quantities.

  • NRGValidate - FileMaker Pro  85)   NRGValidate - FileMaker Pro 1.5
    NRGValidate provides integrated address management inside of FileMaker Pro. Save on address correction, postage, printing/packaging and return fees - Check address quality at time of data entry.

  • Stock Options Secrets  86)   Stock Options Secrets 3.5
    Overpricing/underpricing option calculator. Unique software that rewrites how to evaluate stock option pricing - with features not fould in any other option calculator - whatever price

  • Patient Manager Express  87)   Patient Manager Express 1.1
    Patient Manager Express is a complete solution that contains comprehensive medical records implementation, contact management, scheduling and reporting functions.

  • HotShift Calendar  88)   HotShift Calendar 3.2.9
    A calendar for fire fighters or workers on a rotating shift schedule. Handles 24-hour shifts or 2 shifts per day and Up to four platoons. Prints up to 20 shifts per page. Makes 4 styles of web calendars. Schedules created by the user.

  • PromOffice Device Registrar  89)   PromOffice Device Registrar 2.3
    With PromOffice Device Registrar you can build and maintain a database of measuring devices, allowing effectively to serve all complex of devices and to analyze its condition.

  • Create Your Business Cards  90)   Create Your Business Cards 1.5
    Design and print professional looking business cards in minutes with Create Your Business Cards . It comes with many pre-made templates saving you the time of designing your business card from scratch!

  • 4TOPS Document Management in MS Access XP/03  91)   4TOPS Document Management in MS Access XP/03 5.0
    4TOPS Document Management for creating and managing documents using your MS Access Database. Create documents with content from your database. Instantly find and share documents. View all information on the document in an Access form.

  • Cafe Manager Pro for Internet Cafes  92)   Cafe Manager Pro for Internet Cafes 3.8.3
    Our Internet cafe software offers easy solution for cyber cafe management. Any Time – Any Rate billing, point of sales, reports and membership services. Control client systems with one mouse click with free client-side software. Fully customizable

  • SystemSleuth  94)   SystemSleuth Deluxe
    SystemSleuth is a feature rich computer surveillance program that secretly monitors all activity on your computer. You can view the encrypted logs locally or have them sent to any email account

  • Bay Accountant  95)   Bay Accountant 1.0.2
    Do you know how much Ebay fees are cutting into the profits of the items you sell? There are numerous fees on Ebay and Paypal that it is often difficult to determine if you are making a profit at all!

  • MSDS Executive  96)   MSDS Executive .75
    Import, store, manage, and access your Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for OSHA compliance.

  • Quick Article Pro  97)   Quick Article Pro 3.0
    Quick Article Writing Software is easy to use article writer software. Write creative articles with the help of professional writer software. Article Generator provides you the facility of writing keyword rich articles within no time.

  • District GDP of India  98)   District GDP of India
    Estimates on GDP across sectors for all 593 districts in India covering important economic indicators like GDP at current and constant prices, short term real GDP growth across sectors, labor productivity, credit penetration in each sector

  • Fleet Maintenance Pro Shop Edition  99)   Fleet Maintenance Pro Shop Edition 10.0
    Fleet Maintenance Pro Shop is easy to use fleet management software for shops. FMP alerts you when PM is due, tracks work orders, generates a fleet history, monitors operating costs, and tracks repairs, parts inventory, fuel, vendors, and drivers.

  • NRGship Endicia  - FileMaker Toolkit  100)   NRGship Endicia - FileMaker Toolkit 1.2
    Now you can manage your USPS Endicia shipments from your FileMaker solution. NRGship offers a toolkit to integrate Endicia shipping in your FileMaker application. Very similar to the Endicia DazZle windows application.

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